7 Tricks to Treat Your Email Subscribers

By: Kristin Golliher, WildRock CEO & Founder

In honor of two things we love here at WildRock- Halloween candy and digital marketing– this week’s blog brings you seven festive ideas for treating your email subscribers. If you’re looking for some new ways to maximize your eNewsletter efforts, consider these ideas for mixing up classic posts with content that will delight your most loyal followers and have them knocking at your door for more.


1. Go for the king size. Rather than worrying about giving away too much information, occasionally include content that offers valuable tips or ideas your subscribers haven’t seen before. Sharing a bit of your “secret sauce” will encourage subscribers to share with their networks and ensure they open your message next time it lands in their inbox.

2. Variety bags win. Make sure to change up up how you deliver your message to keep it fresh and engaging. Try using a mix of articles, lists, fun facts, and multimedia videos or images to keep things interesting.

3. Don’t be a ghost. Subscribers are humans, and they like to know that you’re human, too. It seems simple, but it’s important to establish internally what your email tone is, and keep language conversational enough that readers connect with the person behind the computer screen.

4. Boo! In the case of eNewsletters, surprises are encouraged. Offer a special deal or discount to your subscribers, or breaking company or product news (when appropriate) for your most loyal followers before it reaches the public.

5. Ding-dong. Much like trick-or-treaters on the big night, giving your subscribers a call-to-action will provide clarity around your intention and drive results. Want people to head over to Facebook and like your page? Go check out your newest blog post? Fill out a survey? Ask, and more often than not, you shall receive.

6. Something sweet. Find things that your subscribers enjoy, even if it doesn’t directly tie into your business, and include an occasional fun or out-of-the-box post. For example, if a majority of your list happens to also be sports fans, you could send a football-themed newsletter to show a genuine connection to their interests.

7. A spooky experience. We’ve all had that one neighbor who goes above and beyond with their Halloween display. From an eerie soundtrack and lighting to inflatable pumpkin in the yard, they create an entire experience for trick-or-treaters coming to their door. Think of ways to make your newsletter a more interesting experience, whether it means including staff interviews or a funny video to give a more complete vision of your company culture and values.

What kinds of content do you like seeing in your inbox? Share your thoughts and tips in the comment section, and from all the rockstars, have a happy and safe Halloween!