Strategic Mastermind

A mother of two kids, Alicia excels in taking charge around the office to be sure things get done…including kicking off celebrations. As WildRock’s first employee, Alicia has since taken on the responsibility of facilitating in our growth both internally and externally, building client relationships and overseeing WildRock team members

Alicia is well-accustomed to the Rockstar lifestyle. Before WildRock, she was writing award-winning feature series and stories at the Xenia Daily Gazette and Loveland Reporter-Herald; then spearheading all electronic and website communications for McWHINNEY, a real estate development company, where she doubled McWHINNEY’s website traffic through eNewsletters and link referrals; and finally overseeing email and mobile marketing for OtterBox, a global consumer products company, where she introduced innovative ideas such as QR codes and SMS messaging. Alicia is certified in email marketing from the DMA, SEO from the Search Engine College, and GoogleAds training from LunaMetrics.

Alicia’s not-so-hidden talents include ice climbing, drinking wine and growing vegetables for the entire WildRock team. If she starts laughing, we guarantee you’ll naturally join in.

What is your spirit animal?

A bear, grizzly bear. It is a strong, wild, independent creature that people love but also have to respect their space. It is a symbol for harmony and balance in nature.

What is your mantra or words to live by?

Be the change you want to see in the world. It is a wonderful quote by Mahatma Gandhi and expresses accountability, responsibility and kindness needed to be a positive influence in life.

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?

Battle Star Galactica, the 2000’s version. I resonate with the mythological themes and human struggle against the robots.