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  • Art of the Spin

    By Alicia Beard, WildRock Digital Diva Public relations professionals can sometimes get a bad rap for either sugar coating the truth or misleading the public with cover-ups or false information. And while this may be true for a small minority of propagandist, a majority of PR pros work to uphold the truth and create buzz

  • Slimming Down for Summer

    By Claire Makinen, WildRock Intern and Rockstar in Training After working all winter to shed some weight for summer, isn’t it only fair for your laptop to do the same? A new generation of light, sleek ultrabooks think so. They are ready to strip down for summer and pack a punch into a slimmer body.

  • Welcome to the WildRock Blog

    Welcome to the WildRock blog! We’re excited you stopped by. Here you will find the latest tips, tricks, trends and a little glimpse into our “wild” lives. As a boutique PR and marketing firm in Fort Collins, Colo., our philosophy is simple: work hard, play hard—get the job done and have fun doing it! We