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  • Our Passion: Making Our Clients Ridiculously Happy

    At WildRock, our mission as a company is to make our client ridiculously happy. If at the end of the day we see our smiling clients’ faces or get a “job well done” email, we have accomplished our goal. ­­ With the year wrapping up and our team working diligently to deliver stellar end of

  • WildRock PR and Marketing: A Look Inside

    We decided to spice things up this month and post a vlog to give you a peek under the WildRock tent. Here at WildRock, we are passionate about our clients and the industry we work in. Take a look at what some of our Rockstars have to say about what PR means to them and

  • Top 5 Fall Instagram Filters

    Fall is quickly approaching in Colorado, and we are ready for all of the changing colorful leaves to paint the mountainside. We all know that it’s hard to capture the gorgeous fall views in a photo, so we are here to help you add that pop of color with the help of Instagram filters! Before

  • IHOP to IHOb: Is Rebranding Worth the Risk?

    If you’re a user of social media or if you watched the news earlier this month, you have most likely heard about IHOP changing its name to IHOb. This announcement went viral on social media because it was not disclosed what the “b” stood for, which left it up to the audience to figure out

  • Public Relations: Don’t Get Lost Between the “P” and the “R”

    Being a member of the public relations and marketing industry means constantly having to explain what exactly it is that we do. If we had a dollar for every time someone asked: “what exactly is PR?” we’d have enough to have happy hour every day for a year. We get it, it is confusing, but

  • Embrace Your Inner Lady Boss: Tips to be Successful in the Office and at Home

    WildRock is a boutique public relations and marketing agency that started in March of 2012 when Kristin Golliher took a giant leap of faith. With a toddler at home and another on the way, Kristin decided to pursue her dream of starting her own PR and marketing agency. Yes, you read that right. Not a

  • The Ever-Changing Facebook & How To Keep Up

    Just when you think you have it all figured out, Facebook decides to throw you another curveball. Earlier this month, Facebook decided to dig into the information that apps have access to when connected to the Facebook platform in order to better protect user’s information. While this change isn’t all bad, it has caused many

  • Saving the Planet One Rockstar at a Time

    WildRock loves Earth Day because we enjoy the great outdoors whether it’s hiking, walking our dogs or getting in our daily bike rides. But, we also understand that if our Earth isn’t taken care of, we won’t be able to enjoy all that it has to offer! In the last few days, our team has

  • Happy New Year — We’re Moving!

    The New Year brings with it an opportunity for change and growth— and boy did we take advantage of it! For the first time since October of 2012, WildRock will be moving to a new location, just in time for our 6-year anniversary in March. On Friday, February 9, WildRock will be moving right down

  • Tis’ the Season – WildRock is Changing

    The leaves are turning colors, the air is getting cooler and a new season is quickly approaching. In the midst of it all, WildRock is finding itself in a state of change too from new promotions and employees to office remodels. Opening its doors in 2012, WildRock started with Kristin Golliher. Not even one month