Behind the Scenes

By: Alicia Beard, Account Director

In a world where advertising has advanced from TV and radio to encompass every digital platform, companies have had to evolve their tactics in order to stand out from their competitors. One way of doing so has been by demonstrating a commitment to something greater; a reflection of the growing interest among consumers in what companies are all about and what employees are doing behind the scenes. In other words: corporate social responsibility (CSR).

A global survey conducted by Cone Communications and Echo Research demonstrated that 91 percent of respondents wanted to learn about companies’ CSR efforts. Today’s consumers aren’t just interested in the products that brands are churning out, they want to know about what companies are engaged in, what causes they support, and most importantly, that their efforts are genuine.

So how can your brand integrate corporate social responsibility on a smaller scale? Below are three tips to help you get started:

  • Support your community: Initially, it might be difficult to gain visibility when supporting a cause but start locally with nonprofits and organizations near your office. Find out what events, galas and fundraisers are planned for the year and select a couple that resonate with your company values. Whether it’s purchasing a company table, donating in-kind or sponsoring an event, your company will not only gain exposure but foster relationships with members of the community.

Tip: Once you’ve finalized your level of support, help promote the event through your own social channels, eNewsletter and blog.

  • Remain true to your brand: The entire premise behind CSR is that consumers want to know that companies are genuine about the causes they support. Instead of getting involved in various philanthropic areas simply to be in the limelight, focus on causes that align with your brand, your values and what your company represents.
  • Be transparent: Be honest about your involvement in the cause your company is supporting. Trying to play up or down what you are doing will only lead people to question your motives and distrust your brand, driving away potential customers.

Tip: Even though it’s the “company” that’s supporting a cause, have employees share from a personal level why they are passionate about the nonprofit or organization. This will not only put a human face on your company but also connect with consumers on an emotional level.

Incorporating these strategies will help you get started on becoming a brand that consumers trust and are proud to support, and will therefore remain loyal to. If you would like additional assistance, or need a rockin’ strategy plan that is more in-depth, contact us today.