Building a Brand Voice

Just like people, businesses are one-of-a-kind, too! And just like people, each business looks, acts, and should sound different to give their unique audience a sense of what they are about and to set them apart from their competitors.

So, let’s dive into brand voice and how creating content unique to your business is important to building your brand!

So what is Brand Voice?

First, what exactly is brand voice? Brand voice is a style of communication used to engage with your customers. It creates a company persona to give your audience information about your business and relate to them on a personal level.

Not only does it portray your brand values, but it can help achieve your business goals by appealing to your customers.

Influential, humorous, knowledgeable, menacing, cute or solemn, regardless of your style, it should be consistent, identifiable, and exclusively yours.

Establishing Brand Standards

At WildRock, we work with many different companies and communicate according to each of their brand standards. Brand standards include elements such as color schemes, font types, and logos that identify each company individually.

These standards generally include positioning statements and key messaging to ensure a consistent tone across social media, PR, and client/customer interactions. Brand voice gives the company a recognizable personality to engage, build better relationships with their audience, and attract new customers.

Here are a few examples of WildRock clients and their unique brand voice:

Company #1: ORV Tours

  • What they do: Provide customers with guided and un-guided off roading adventures
  • Their audience: Off-road enthusiasts, adventure seekers
  • Their tone: Concise, informative, serious, epic

Example social media post:

brand voice and style

Company #2: Technical College

  • What they do: provide affordable in-person and online learning opportunities
  • Their audience: young adults, job seekers, recent high school graduates
  • Their tone: Educational, helpful, light, down-to-earth

Example social media post:

brand voice and style

Company #3: Marketing Firm

  • What they do: provide marketing tips and tricks for small business
  • Their audience: entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Their tone: Fun, helpful, instructive, energetic

Example social media post:

brand voice and style

After reading these examples, do you get a feel for what each business is about and their brand voice? Does your business have a distinct persona? It’s an easy way to take your business to the next level! And if you’re curious about some of our other work, reach out to see how we can help your brand! A few tips for creating your brand voice:

  • Define your business in a few words: fun, quirky, cute or serious, intellectual, forward and determine how these characteristics come across in communication
  • Know your target audience
  • Use analytics to determine how your content resonates with your audience, and shape your brand voice accordingly
  • Create a company standard
  • Be consistent
  • Be genuine

Don’t forget: Just like people, businesses can change too. Be sure to revisit your brand voice and style standards to make sure you are still upholding your values, connecting with your target audience, and reaching your business goals. Looking for help to establish your social brand voice? Reach out to for our content services?

Ready to rock your brand voice? We can’t wait to hear it!