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Established in 2008, Ice Pirates is a premier snowmobile outfitter in the heart of the Southern Colorado mountains, providing adventure seekers snowmobile rental services in the scenic San Juan mountains. In 2015, the company expanded to include summer excursions as Rock Pirates Backcountry Adventures offering off-road vehicle outfitters in Southern Colorado. In 2018, WildRock teamed up with Rock and Ice Pirates to coordinate their social media efforts, execute digital marketing campaigns and provide public relations support.

As we worked together to grow, Rock and Ice Pirates decided to add another location across the border to provide off-road experiences in Todos Santos Baja Mexico. The newest location, Baja Rock Pirates Backcountry Adventures, offers rentals and tours to explore thousands of miles of trails, incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, majestic desert landscapes, mountain terrain and valleys. With this expansion, WildRock developed a strategic plan and created a new consolidated brand for Rock, Ice and Baja as Pirate Backcountry Adventures with a rebrand and new website including new logos and brand standards. WildRock also supported launching the new Mexico location by creating new social media pages and directory listings, developing a marketing sales tool catalog and implementing digital marketing strategies to build awareness for Mexico offerings.

Our Approach

When Pirate Backcountry Adventures and WildRock came together in 2018, we worked to determine social media cadence, brand voice, brand awareness, public relations and marketing efforts. As we built our working relationship, WildRock was entrusted with spearheading marketing decisions that would best help the company grow – diving deep into customer analytics and tapping into marketing trends to drive more traffic to their website, build their fanbase and generate more booking for outdoor experiences. By executing these tactics, Pirate Backcountry Adventures gained traction, strengthened their online presence and expanded to a new location. With this expansion, WildRock developed a strategy for rebranding, reaching new customers and continual growth.

WildRock submits monthly social media content, reporting, digital marketing strategies and provides additional marketing support including website management, implementing trends, social media monitoring, public relations and directory management to help reach their business goals.

Services Rocked

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Web Development
  • Public Relations
  • Online Directory Management


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Website Development and Rebranding

With the expansion of Pirate Adventures, Wildrock provided a new cohesive look for the brand with updated logos and website. New brand standards were also created to ensure best practices with logos and typography, to adopt an eye-catching color scheme and to highlight each location while still maintaining the look and feel of Pirate Backcountry Adventures.

  • New Website
  • New Logos
  • New Brand Standards

From the Client

“Season after season, WildRock delivers. They are proficient, dedicated and do everything in their power to help us grow as a team and accomplish our goals as a business. It’s always a joy to work with them.”

Pirate Backcountry Adventures
Erick Loyer


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