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  • Rock Your Marketing Training Series

    By Kristin Golliher, WildRock CEO and Founder Gain marketing and PR tips, trends and best practices on any budget. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for start-ups and small businesses. With a world of opportunity and a blank canvas, these companies have so much going for them! Specifically geared towards helping

  • Art of the Spin

      By Alicia Beard, WildRock Digital Diva Public relations professionals can sometimes get a bad rap for either sugar coating the truth or misleading the public with cover-ups or false information. And while this may be true for a small minority of propagandist, a majority of PR pros work to uphold the truth and create

  • Welcome to the WildRock Blog

    Welcome to the WildRock blog! We’re excited you stopped by. Here you will find the latest tips, tricks, trends and a little glimpse into our “wild” lives. As a boutique PR and marketing firm in Fort Collins, Colo., our philosophy is simple: work hard, play hard—get the job done and have fun doing it! We