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  • Take a Walk

    By: Alicia Beard, Account Manager One of the most challenging aspects of the PR field is finding a balance between our “business hat” and “creative hat.” The profession straddles both sides of the spectrums – and we’ll bet most PR pros will tell you that is one of the things they love most about their

  • Spooky Marketing Pitfalls

    By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator Successful marketing takes detail-oriented planning and precise execution. Without close attention to details and a clear focus, efforts can oftentimes miss the mark. Common marketing mistakes include: Confusing Brand Identity – Keeping things consistent is an easy task that can slip to the back of the mind. It is necessary

  • Turn on a Dime

    By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator Here’s a PR tip that sounds like it should be a lot easier than it really is. Ready for the challenge? Being an opportunistic marketer means seeing the world around you through your brand’s perspective. While you might be personally planning a matching costume with your significant other for Halloween

  • Happy New Year! Oh, Wait.

    By: Alicia Beard, Account Manager It’s not too uncommon to hear Christmas carols being hummed around the WildRock office, even if it’s only the third day of October. But we’re not ashamed, our off-tune melodies come from a keen awareness of the lead times for many media outlets, marketing and advertising channels. If you want

  • Can’t Fight the Algorithm

    By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator Clients of ours are often surprised to hear that their Facebook posts are (on average) reaching just about 16% of their total number of likes. That means that, for instance, when you posted about the awesome new promotion you were running last week to your 1,000 friends, just about 160

  • To Rock, or Not to Rock? It’s Not a Question.

    By: Ryan Schin, WildRock Intern and Rockstar in Training “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question. The oh-so-looming question. Every kid hears this question, and most likely the answer will be something that may be a little out-of-reach: professional football player, professional hockey player, and of course… astronaut. I was

  • Through the Time Warp

    By: Gabrielle Bear, WildRock Intern and Rockstar in Training When I found out I would officially be interning at WildRock as a Rockstar in Training for the summer, I was ecstatic. Studying for my last final and loading up my car to start the long drive home from freshman year suddenly felt so real. I

  • Branding- It’s Not Just For Cattle

    By: Mandy Cummings, WildRock Account Coordinator Coca Cola. What goes through your mind when you hear those two words? A mid-afternoon caffeine boost? The first time you took a cold sip on that hot summer day as a kid? Those adorable little polar bears that pop up during commercial breaks around the holidays? This unique mental association

  • Why do you use social media?

    By: Alicia Beard, Account Manager When building a social media strategy for your company, WildRock often recommends a seemingly obvious first step: take a pause and consider why you use social media. Is it to connect with family and friends? Share a cool article? Play a game? Be reminded to “BUY OUR PRODUCT NOW?” Ok,

  • Hey There, July!

    By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator Summer 2014 is already becoming one for the books! If you’ve asked any of the rockstars lately how things are going, chances are you’ve heard a standard response: “Busy. But good-busy!” So busy in fact, that we haven’t had the chance to officially share some pretty monumental news that happened