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  • A Press-Worthy Experience

    WildRock Takes On Steamboat As PR professionals, our job is to get brands noticed. And there’s no better way to stand out in a crowded space than by placing products directly in the hands of journalists, on a press trip where gear gets tested, restaurants and services are reviewed and the all-important first impression is

  • Don’t be an emotionless idiot…

    Tapping into emotion for higher engagement and better open rates According to a study by Ekman and Friesen, there are six universal emotions and facial expressions: anger, fear, disgust, amusement, sadness and surprise. How we display these emotions shows up in facial expressions (and actions) that are recognized in even the most remote parts of

  • WildRock needs a bigger award shelf

    Last night, the lights were dimmed and the room sat silent, anxiously waiting for the awards to be given. The announcers said, “and the award goes to…. The year 2016 has been already been wild for us at WildRock Public Relations & Marketing. We’ve celebrated our 4-year anniversary, added a new team member and for

  • Elevator Pitch: The Most Important, Persuasive Tool in Your Career

    By: Trevor Venegas, Rockstar in Training Close your eyes and imagine you have the ability to make any executive listen to one of your ideas. It may not be simple, but a well-written and rehearsed elevator pitch is definitely one step toward obtaining that superpower. Elevator pitches can be the key to proposing plans in

  • A Time to Reflect

    By: WildRock Team Thanksgiving Day can mean something different to everyone; whether it’s Stef’s dream of sharing it with an Olympic skier, Kristin’s giant cornucopia made of bread, Alicia’s turkey trot tradition or Lauren’s love of pecan pie. Here’s a little Q&A with our Rockstars about how they do Thanksgiving:   Stefanie Walters – Account Coordinator

  • Engaging Your Audience With Wildly Successful, Targeted Messages

    By: Lauren Albin, Administrative Assistant Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all well known and frequently used. They’re important channels to utilize, but depending on the audience you are targeting, they might not always be the most effective. The first step to selecting a social media platform is to understand your

  • WildRock Wins the Gold

    By: Stefanie Walters, Account Assistant Last Thursday night, the public relations community came together in Denver to celebrate the achievements of Colorado’s best PR practitioners. Seemingly ironic that the theme was “PR Rockstars,” we WildRockers couldn’t be more thrilled to share that year three is already a golden one for us. PRSA Colorado’s Gold Pick

  • Behind the Scenes

    By: Alicia Beard, Account Director In a world where advertising has advanced from TV and radio to encompass every digital platform, companies have had to evolve their tactics in order to stand out from their competitors. One way of doing so has been by demonstrating a commitment to something greater; a reflection of the growing

  • Happy Birthday to Us!

    By: Kristin Golliher, Founder & CEO WildRock is so excited for March as it marks a huge milestone…WildRock’s third anniversary! It’s been an amazing journey so far and I can’t believe it’s already been three years. When I made the decision to open up my own firm, I wasn’t entirely sure what the future would

  • Goodbye January, Hello 2015!

    By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator   As February draws nearer, we’ve noticed a bittersweet feeling looming in the (uncharacteristically warm) Colorado winter air. Maybe we’re just still lingering over the disappointment of not being able to cheer on our Broncos in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Maybe we’re resisting the drudgery of tax season. Maybe