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  • Crowdfunding: Are you ready to rock?

    By: Mandy Cummings, WildRock Account Coordinator As noted in a Forbes article discussing the effectiveness of crowdfunding campaigns, contributor Will Schroter made the following observation of the LulzBot Fundable campaign WildRock is proud to have worked on: “What we’re seeing more and more is that good fundraisers are good marketers. And like any good marketer,

  • Finding your crowd: 3 ways to socialize crowdfunding campaigns

    By: Mandy Cummings, WildRock Account Coordinator A surprisingly common myth about crowdfunding is that once you make your project live, affluent beneficiaries will come flocking to fund your idea. In reality, it takes strategy and foresight to seek out the crowds that will be interested and passionate about your cause, and time invested in building

  • Crowdfunding: This is going to be big

    By: Kristin Golliher, WildRock Founder & CEO WildRock thrives in the spirit of entrepreneurship. From the moment our team started hearing whisperings of a growing trend called “crowdfunding,” we were instantly intrigued at the idea of passionate go-getters setting out to raise equity themselves and level the playing field to bring their visions to life.

  • Moments of Gratitude

    By: WildRock Team We say it often, but it seems like the holidays bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, “it’s a wild ride.” I’m sure we’re not alone in feeling an intense wave of both workplace deadlines and personal obligations as we head into a season of out-of-office automated replies and planning efforts

  • SEO is Dead

    By: Alicia Beard, WildRock Account Manager We’ve been hearing grumblings that SEO is dead over the last couple of weeks. As an inquisitive (and SEO certified) team, we thought that statement deserved a closer look. Google’s implementation of one of its largest algorithm changes to date, Hummingbird, has been interpreted by some to mean SEO

  • 7 Tricks to Treat Your Email Subscribers

    By: Kristin Golliher, WildRock CEO & Founder In honor of two things we love here at WildRock- Halloween candy and digital marketing– this week’s blog brings you seven festive ideas for treating your email subscribers. If you’re looking for some new ways to maximize your eNewsletter efforts, consider these ideas for mixing up classic posts

  • The Power of Pink

    By: Mandy Cummings, WildRock Account Coordinator As you most likely know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hopefully you’re aware of this dedication because it has been a time to learn more about breast cancer research and support the many women fighting this disease with bravery and resolve. More likely, you know that October is

  • Infiltrating strategy into everything you do

    By: Alicia Beard, WildRock Account Manager Every once in awhile the WildRock team will take a moment to step back from the whirlwind of projects and to-do lists to reflect on why we do what we do. It seems simple enough, but the clarity around your company values, or pillars as we refer to them,

  • The Power of Words

    By: Kristin Golliher, WildRock CEO & Founder Our industry is about captivating imagery and crafting fascinating stories that bring brands to life. While we often spend time analyzing the end-results of those efforts, we think it’s time to reflect on the very basics– words. Choosing the right word to describe your message carries more power

  • The A-Team: Best Global Brands 2013

    By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator What do the technology, fast food, and automobile industries have in common? They’re all vying for a coveted place on Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands list. Interbrand has been around since 1974 and is now the world’s largest brand consultancy. When they put together their list of the world’s most