Simply put, running a business is hard. In addition to a myriad of other business-related problems, you probably lie awake at night contemplating why your marketing strategy isn’t working, how to get the media to pick up your news, how to reach your target audience, and right before the alarm goes off you’re over-analyzing social media and digital efforts. You wake up exhausted and realize: your spend is large, and your ROI is small

Rock-Solid Advice

We are here to help you better understand the world of marketing so you can make informed decisions on marketing efforts to move the needle on your business. Now is the time to pivot, especially with this challenging new business environment. We have pulled the stops to share our rock-solid advice so you can Change. Adapt. and Rock.

These are unprecedented times

Recession, hardship, crisis and the recent Coronavirus pandemic. Combining all our Rockstar experience, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow book and e-book find it here.

Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll learn:


When things are moving a million miles an hour it’s hard to pause and plan. But strategic planning, when done right, can be a time and money saver in the long run. With proven exercises to help identify what’s most important, you’ll be able to create a rockin’ marketing strategy to move the needle on your business.

Public Relations

Often misunderstood and underutilized, PR is all about managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics. We will help you to better understand traditional media outlets, influencers, bloggers, industry thought leaders, analysts and stakeholders and effectively communicate your brand messages. From press releases to crisis communications, we will give you tips and tricks to navigate.

Digital Marketing

Included in the book and e-book, you’ll find cost-effective ways to get your business in the digital marketing game, think critically, act independently and be fiercely creative as trends evolve. With step-by-step insights, you’ll be able to incorporate digital marketing in ways you never imagined possible.


What’s your story? How do you create unique content that stands out without getting lost in the sea of subpar? It’s important to be mindful of your message. Posting in the right place, posting at the right time, targeting the appropriate audience and telling your authentic story will keep you ahead of the curve.

Social Media

Social media can’t be ignored when composing your strategy. It is a huge marketplace for business today. We’ll help you turn this tech into a powerful tool so you can shout your story from the rooftops including Rockstar tips for planning, content brainstorms, best practices and examples.

Crisis Communications

No one goes looking for a crisis, but sometimes it finds you and when it does it pays to be prepared. We’ll show you how to gracefully expect the unexpected and plan for a “rainy day” with our templates and tips.

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