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Crisis management is an important subset of public relations. It is a process designed to prevent or lessen the damage an unplanned difficulty can inflict on a business and its stakeholders. A crisis communications plan ensures that all pertinent personnel can promptly and effectively communicate during crises, share information that will allow the organization to quickly rectify the situation, protect employees and assets, and secure business continuity.

“A crisis can take many forms, such as an employee issue or injury, compromised information or a damaging online review. Those who remain calm, cool and collected when a crisis hits will have the best chance to maintain their message, brand and image. A crisis can be an opportunity for you to establish your credibility and show your audience your true colors.”


CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK.‘s crisis management chapter focuses on the key components for building a solid crisis management system and establishing a crisis communications and recovery plan for your business. Read more in our paperback and e-book here.

Sneak Peek on Crisis Management

Managing a crisis is critical during times of change. Here is an inside look at Rockstar tips for Crisis management and an example holding statement template:

Crisis Management
Crisis Management

“The most important thing that any business can do in a crisis is to stay in touch with customers or, in the case of an employee issue, your team. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open and to keep your communications up to date.”


With proper crisis management in place, companies can quickly adapt their current marketing concepts and strategies to align with an appropriate response. CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. Is your crisis management plan template providing thorough information, checklists and outlines to equip your business in times of crisis?

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