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Digital marketing is promoting your business using internet-based technologies such as cell phones, computers, and other media/platforms. The world of digital marketing is booming, and CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. can provide the insight you need to rock digital marketing optimization!

Digital marketing analytics evolve at the speed of light. To keep up, you need a foundational knowledge of marketing principles with judgment to think critically, act independently, and be fiercely creative as trends move forward. Perhaps you’re just dabbling with the idea of incorporating digital marketing essentials into your marketing strategy. Maybe you’ve mastered a few forms of digital marketing but want to explore more options. CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. details the ins and outs of digital marketing that actually works.

“Digital marketing offers a variety of ways to grow your business. While it is known largely for its advertising opportunities, underneath that is a deeper focus on the customer by cultivating personal connections and building your marketing strategy around them.”


CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK.‘s digital marketing chapter focuses on exploring your options, the foundations of digital marketing, and creating a digital marketing plan that fits your business. Read more in our paperback and e-book here.

Sneak Peek

Most digital marketing trends work cohesively and if you start with a handful of tactics, you can add more over time. Get an inside look at important digital marketing tactics and difficulty of implementation:

Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing is all about promoting your business using social media ads, search engine ads, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and more to reach new and existing customers through digital platforms. Compared to traditional marketing channels, it’s low-cost and highly effective because it is measurable. By looking at how your digital marketing channels are performing, you’ll be able to find out quickly whether your investment is working or if you need to try a different approach.”


There are many different approaches to digital marketing strategy, one size does not fit all. The good news is CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. can assist you in determining which methods will work best for your business based on your current marketing concepts and strategies.

Are you ready to rock digital marketing for your business? Feel free to contact WildRock or you can purchase a copy of our book and e-book here.

Packed with marketing and PR resources, templates, checklists, tips and tricks, CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. also includes sections on:

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