Public Relations


Public Relations (PR) is building and maintaining relationships with other organizations and their audiences to distinguish your brand and communicate your company’s story on a larger scale. It has never been a better time to focus on your PR plan: promoting your brand, how your company handles adversity, and how you can build your brand to come out on top. Change that is embraced can be an ideal time for growth.

“There is a saying in PR: “Advertising is what you pay for and publicity is what you pray for.” But PR does take more than hope and prayers and can be especially valuable when budgets are limited. Because these marketing efforts are little to no cost, the return on a solid and successful strategy can be high. PR brings brand stories to life through earned media coverage and is much more authentic and credible than traditional advertising; we call this third-party validation. However, media can be extremely powerful in helping or hurting the narrative you are trying to tell, so it’s best to be involved in shaping those stories.”


CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK.‘s PR chapter highlights public relations strategies and tactics, PR tools, press release content and formatting, community sponsorships and events, and event planning checklist and templates. Read more in our paperback and e-book here.

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There are many important aspects of a solid PR plan that are often overlooked. Get an inside look at our Rockstar tips for low-cost/no-cost PR ideas and event follow up checklist:

“Public relations is a great place to start with your marketing. Often misunderstood and underutilized, PR is all about managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics through creating and maintaining relationships.”


Creating concrete PR goals and a strategy to reach them is vital in business. Having a strong plan in place will guide your brand toward success, and CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. is your public relations plan template to help you reach your PR goals.

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Packed with marketing and PR resources, templates, checklists, tips and tricks, CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. also includes sections on:

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