Content Marketing Specialist

Knower of all Things

As the first intern at WildRock, Claire made her way back to the company as the Content Marketing Specialist where she plays in the details and serves as an information hub for industry news, local finds, travel tips and best of all beer and random facts that may come in handy at trivia night.

Claire has spent several years in the non-profit industry at both Project Self-Sufficiency and Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, giving her the skills to wear multiple hats and think on her feet. At WildRock, she is a known wordsmith with the ability to craft creative and compelling content for a wide-range of industries. Claire thrives on learning the ins and outs of new clients to discover what will resonate with their audiences.

Outside of work Claire spends her time being a mom (to a daughter and a dog) and assists her husband with his homebrewing. As a Fort Collins native, she also loves exploring the new offerings around town.

What is your beer of choice?

Raspberry Basil Saison from Maxline Brewing. It tastes like summer in a glass and is best enjoyed on their patio with your dog by your side. I could probably find a redeeming quality about almost any local beer though, cheers!

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?

Friends. Rachel and I could shop together, Monica would make me delicious things to eat, Chandler and Joey would be fun to hang out with and Phoebe is always up for an adventure. Oh, and Ross would be…there for dinosaur facts. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend their days exploring NYC?!