Crowdfunding: This is going to be big

By: Kristin Golliher, WildRock Founder & CEO

WildRock thrives in the spirit of entrepreneurship. From the moment our team started hearing whisperings of a growing trend called “crowdfunding,” we were instantly intrigued at the idea of passionate go-getters setting out to raise equity themselves and level the playing field to bring their visions to life. When the opportunity presented itself to join our friends at Community Funded for the 2nd Annual Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp in Las Vegas last October, I quickly booked my tickets.

I promised my team I was simply going to “check it out,” and in typical entrepreneur fashion came back and launched a crowdfunding business arm.

It was clear from the moment I began chatting with other business owners and agencies in Vegas that the territory of crowdfunding was unexplored, uncharted and full of opportunity—it was in essence the Wild West! The rest, as they say, is history.

Through the breakout sessions, award ceremonies, talking to project creators as well as project platforms, my biggest learning was that the projects who met or exceeded funding goals had a common objective: they built awareness for their project and inspired loyalty from potential supporters – the very essence of what we do at WildRock. I instantly saw a niche for bringing our expertise in PR and marketing to the table, giving campaigns the tools needed to sail through their campaign and get the funding they needed.

On a mission to learn the industry from the inside out, we began to partner with organizations in various industries- from tech innovation, to consumer products, to non-profit- as part of WildRock’s crowdfunding pilot program. We have worked closely with project leaders applying our expertise in outreach and communication strategy to this purpose, learning tips, tricks and nuances along the way. Read about our work with LulzBot’s Fundable campaign ($289,000), Rip Clips’ Kickstarter success ($9,849), and the Sustainable Living Association’s Community Funded project ($5,445), by visiting our case studies.

With a handful of crowdfunding success stories hosted on a variety of platforms, we are thrilled to introduce our services for crowdfunding. WildRock now offers three tiers of personalized packages, empowering crowdfunding project owners with the tools to get the word out and the funding in. WildRock will also offer custom campaign options for organizations with larger or more complex fundraising goals.

Crowdfunding isn’t just about raising funds, it’s about getting communities behind your effort and creating a movement that launches you past your goal and into your future. Preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign? Give us a call at 970.449.6870 to learn how we can help tell your story.