Content Coordinator

Erica Lawlor

Content Engineer

Erica’s background might be in mechanical engineering, but her passion for creativity led her to join the team at WildRock. Nerdy by nature and driven by ingenuity, her approach to copy writing and graphic design brings a different methodology to content coordination. She aims to find fresh ideas and implement superior content for clients.

From technical writing to blogs to social media posts, Erica’s diverse experience gives her perspective on a wide range of industries and audiences. Communicating efficiently and effectively is her top priority, and she enjoys learning the science behind strategy. She is excited to continue to grow her knowledge in the marketing world.

When she’s not crafting content, she’s working on her machine (no, not a robot…but that would be cool). Her running, strength training and sports obsession are only second to her amazing husband and kids. She loves travel, singing karaoke, breweries, and geeking out at Comic Con.

What is your beer of choice?

Whether the seltzer is technically a beer is debatable, but I really enjoy Boulevard Brewing Company’s Quirk Spiked and Sparkling Seltzer. It’s refreshing, unusual, easy going, approachable, effervescent…just like me!

What is your mantra or words to live by?

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

What children's book describes your life?

Go, Dogs, Go. It’s basically my daily schedule. Except the party on a boat at night, that doesn’t happen as often as it should!