Go Wild – I did!

By Claire Makinen, WildRock Intern and Rockstar in Training

Given one word to describe my summer at WildRock, I think I would have to say wild! There is a constant inflow of new clients and projects, making every day different and exciting. As a new business just beginning to grow and thrive, WildRock has a unique approach that makes it a great place to work.

Being part of the WildRock team is like being picked first for kickball on the playground. You feel great that such an exciting group of people have picked you to work with! WildRock is a team, and it is great to have a group of people with a wide range of skills and expertise. Everyone is so warm and inviting, they want to make you a part of the team and help you succeed. For a college student like me this team atmosphere really helped to shape my experience. It gave me the opportunity to work with different people and learn so much from each one. These ladies truly are rockstars! https://wildrockpr.com/our-rockstars/

The WildRock atmosphere also fosters creativity, a relief after a long year of classes. Their creative approach is one thing that sets them apart from a lot of other companies. They allow you to think outside the box and make suggestions that may normally not come out, but that could lead to the eventual solution. This process was something that was really interesting for me to be a part of. In school there is often one desired answer; not a lot of wiggle room is left for other possibilities. Being able to take a far-fetched concept and nail down details that turn it into a plan is like developing a lump of clay into a pot. At the end you see the finished product and are proud of the work that went into it, ready to put it on display and share it with the world. I may not be the next great potter, but I hope I can continue to cultivate my creativity when it comes to PR. https://wildrockpr.com/about/

From media lists to social media posts, I got to try my hand at so many different skills, something a lot of interns aren’t lucky enough to get to do. The ladies here at WildRock were incredible, taking time out of their days to train me in new things and giving me so much hands-on experience. So many students are thrust from college into the workforce without ever getting the chance to experience the job they think they want to do. Now I can say with confidence that I am in the right field, and that feels great.

I can honestly say that this has been one of my favorite summers. I not only learned a lot but also fostered relationships with some pretty amazing people. I got the chance to be creative and proactive in my learning, while still having fun. I learned some of what makes a new business tick (a lot of coffee!) and was excited to come in every single day. I began the summer as a college kid on break, looking to gain some experience before heading back to the books. Who knew I’d end it as a rockstar?!