Goodbye January, Hello 2015!

By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator


As February draws nearer, we’ve noticed a bittersweet feeling looming in the (uncharacteristically warm) Colorado winter air. Maybe we’re just still lingering over the disappointment of not being able to cheer on our Broncos in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Maybe we’re resisting the drudgery of tax season. Maybe we’re just running low on K-cup refills – coffee is a pretty big deal around the WildRock office, in case you didn’t know.

However, the end of January also comes with a refreshing feeling of opportunity, and we’re excited about the new challenges and prospects on 2015’s horizon. As PR and marketing specialists we love witnessing how culture is changing, and how we can help the brands we work with be a part of that change.

We’ve been keenly studying how the technology revolution has already transformed the way our society operates, as well as how social media has impacted the way our world communicates. The shift includes business-to-customer relations; according to Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, 90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14 percent trust advertisements. PR pros can’t get a better endorsement than that!

So, what does this all mean for companies trying to stay ahead of the game? Marketing is no longer a one-way street. 34 percent of bloggers write opinions about products and brands, meaning companies are now part of the conversation – even if they don’t want to be. Creating a successful brand now means fostering relationships, nurturing a two-way dialogue and taking care of your customers.

We’re excited to see what 2015 will bring and the new challenges we’ll get to tackle. Give us a call if you’re interested in discussing how a new-school PR and marketing approach can take your brand to the next level.