How to Maximize Your PR Firm Relationship

By: Kristin Golliher, WildRock CEO & Founder

As children we are taught the basics of friendships and kindness on the playground. It may seem funny, but the same principles apply in the business world.

Whether you’re working with WildRock, partnering with another firm or considering working with an outside organization, here are some tips to help maximize your relationship and ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

  1. Secrets don’t make friends: Remember what mom used to say? It applies to everyday business as well. Tell your firm everything they need to know about your company. You can even have them sign an NDA so you feel more comfortable sharing information openly. It is better to tell them pertinent things up front, then for them to find out too late. Withholding info can be a costly mistake, especially if a crisis PR strategy is then needed.
  2. Let them in the circle: Give your firm access to decision makers—your executive team, managers and leaders—at your organization so they understand the underworking of your business and how to best tell your story.
  3. Make friendship bracelets: You are business partners after all. Treat your PR firm like your best friend; it will pay off big time! Tie all your business efforts together in a strategic approach so everyone is working towards the same goal.
  4. We’re all on the same team: At WildRock, we always say, “We win when you win, and we like to win big!” Trust your teammates and respect that everyone is an expert at different positions. Your PR firm is an expert in trends, industry research, outreach strategy and media relations, trust that expertise and let them run.
  5. Touch base: Just as you like to hear from your best friend on a regular basis, so does your PR firm. Provide feedback—what you like and what you don’t like—so they know if they’re on the right track.

If you’re investing in PR, it’s best to follow these simple playground rules to ensure a positive relationship for years to come!