Senior Digital Marketing Manager

The Guru

Jason is an experienced digital marketing professional who thinks strategically and is always up to date with the latest trends in the digital realm. As the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at WildRock, Jason specializes in digital advertising where his nimble nature and technical abilities send client goals through the roof. He also supports the team with strategic planning, SEO and email marketing know-how.

Jason has worked with Fortune 500 companies, main steet clients and everything in between, He is an expert at tailoring content to fit the client’s niche and producing rockstar results, with experience spanning travel and leisure, real estate development, retail industries and so much more.

When he steps away from his screen, Jason loves spending time with his two kids and traveling to new places. He stays true to his native Colorado roots by taking advantage of all of the great outdoor activities this beautiful state has to offer. Oh, and did we mention, Jason is a die-hard country fan? Any concert in the area with that honky-tonk twang will have Jason in the crowd singing along.

What is your spirit animal?

A Lion because it stands for strength and shows leadership of his pride (family). It’s such a powerful and majestic animal! (I might be envious of his mane.)

What is your cocktail of choice?

Maker’s Old Fashioned Sweet… they normally can’t make it correct – but its just changing out soda water for 7-Up. Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky, bitters, sugar cube, muddled and garnished with cherry and orange.