Creating a Strategic Plan and Why You Need it

When things are moving a million miles an hour, taking time to pause and plan doesn’t seem like an effective use of time, especially with the current health and economic climate. As a team that prides itself on being nimble and able to adapt to changing conditions, we totally get it! But we’ll let you in on a secret – strategic planning can be a time (and money) saver when done right.

Do I really need strategic planning?

The answer may not be as simple as it seems. Strategizing can be extremely time-consuming with little to show for the investment. Businesses tend to spend hours hashing and re-hashing strategies for the future, only to find they have no solid plans for moving forward. It’s also estimated that most companies with a strategic plan, fail at executing it! Additionally, the overall perception of strategic planning comes with the rigidity of depending on an unchanged future. Yet, we all know that change is the only constant thing.

“Businesses tend to spend hours hashing and re-hashing strategies for the future, only to find they have no solid plans for moving forward.”

Many companies abandon the ideology of strategic planning due to the nature of evolving economies, fluctuating social attitudes, and advancements in technology. In other words, it’s too hard to come up with a good plan! So, they just react. However, the fact remains that strategy is still essential for businesses, especially in crisis situations.

Why is it important to have a strategic plan?

If we get down to the basics, all organizations want to succeed. Success can be evaluated in a variety of ways, but without direction and measurable goals how can progress be assessed? That’s where strategy comes in to play. Strategic planning is an important tool that guides day-to-day decisions, aids in determining growth, and ensures that a company is moving forward even in uncertainty. So how do you strategize for the future without knowing the future?

Approaching business strategy needs to be inclusive of execution and flexibility. Reacting to changes needs to be PART of the strategy, which can be complex and time-consuming to navigate. This is where you need to bring in the professionals.

In fact, Marvin Chow, Vice President of Global Marketing at Google, says the future of your brand is contingent on the ability to analyze where your brand is now, and how it can be impacted based on outside perception:

“It goes beyond having a purpose. Brands will have to take inventory and assess where they stand in the marketplace and how consumers really feel about them and their products.”

Marvin Chow, VP of Global Marketing at Google

Using the art and science of marketing, WildRock delivers a comprehensive strategic plan for your company. The art of creative content, fresh approaches, and variable possibilities in parallel with analytics, data, and hard numbers allow us to help you pave the pathway for success. The Strategy Sprint from our Fort Collins marketing team is our most popular and effective package for businesses that want to maximize time with our proven process.

What is a Strategy Sprint?

The WildRock Strategy Sprint is a quick and easy way for businesses to put a plan in motion. By anticipating variable outcomes we make it possible for companies to be more proactive than reactive. We deliver a firm foundation for a unified sense of direction through realistic and measurable goals.

The Strategy Sprint can increase operational efficiency by providing a roadmap to standardize an organization in its efforts to achieve objectives, especially in a time of crisis. The Strategy Sprint from WildRock can offer durability in a tumultuous world of change and as a top Fort Collins marketing firm, we’ll do the heavy lifting so organizations can dedicate more time to their business instead of spending hours trying to put together a marketing and communications plan.

Who should use a Strategy Sprint?

The straightforward answer is everyone in business! The Strategy Sprint is intended for organizations that are looking for a great way to streamline their goals, improve efficiency, measure success, and move their business forward. It’s great for companies that want to avoid endless hours of strategizing and opt for a two-hour planning session that delivers an all-inclusive marketing blueprint backed by a verified method for the most effective path.

So, long story short. Yes! You need strategic planning, and WildRock can help! If you have questions feel free to contact us, we would love to help you achieve your business goals and give you more information about the Strategy Sprint.