When we look back on 2020, we see a lot of change, change that was mostly unwanted and unwelcome. What we thought was going to be 2-weeks of discomfort, we now know as the long arduous journey of remote work, remote learning, public restrictions, and impacted businesses.

At WildRock, we were experiencing the same feelings of uncertainty many small businesses felt, and our team has been working through all the challenges that come with working and growing families in the middle of a pandemic.

Each of our WildRockers was sailing their own ship, but through the same storm, navigating their own challenges and the ones facing our team as a whole. And when we looked out on the storm, we realized we had more to give, and so we rafted our ships together.

We realized on top of all the other concerns brought on by the pandemic, that our commitment to our client success would see us through this year. Our Rockstars embraced the remote work environment with exceeded client goals, found new ways to streamline our business, and learned to thrive in a remote work environment. Working close together, despite being far apart.

But we weren’t done. Not only did we want to prioritize our own client success, but to prioritize every small business we could – without a contract.

The biggest change of all: CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK.

It was a tough year for small businesses, with closures and restrictions, the challenges have seemed to never end for the small businesses who do some much for our communities. Seeing some of those challenges first-hand, we knew it was our duty to find a way to aid small businesses in a tangible and affordable way – enter CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK.

To take the guesswork out of the challenges of marketing and public relations, especially in times of change, we’ve provided entrepreneurs with some rock-solid marketing and public relations guide in our book CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. This tool provides actionable tools in optimization, Rockstar tips, templates, and checklists to reach marketing and sales metrics goals to help businesses succeed.

Almost immediately, we could see how CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK., was impacting local businesses and getting rave reviews:

I’m impressed! This is an incredibly useful and practical guide to modern marketing. I can advise my clients on what they should do, but this is a great resource on how to do it! Concise, clear and practical.” – Aaron Finch, Business Coach at Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, former COO, OtterBox and VP Operations, Coinstar.

As uncertain and bleak as 2020 was for many businesses, we were eager to put some certainty back into businesses hands, in a tool that was easy to use from a team with dependable solutions and expertise.

What 2020 taught us

Just like the title of our book, our biggest lessons at WildRock were not only the necessity to change and adapt, but that we could do so as a team embracing those principles and cranking out rock-solid results for our clients.

Despite the challenges and fears that the pandemic brought, our team kicked efforts into high gear with award winning campaigns and exceeding expectations for our clients.

In 2020 our team won three Marcom digital marketing awards, showing our team’s expertise in campaign strategy and execution as well expertise in design, and were recognized award winners from the Colorado Chapter of PRSA for our public relations and communication initiatives for our clients.

But despite the fast and reliable work our team provides our clients year after year, we know small business growth is a marathon not a sprint, and it showed with our recognition as a Mercury 100 list of fastest-growing private companies in Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado by BizWest. This recognition, was fueled by the work of 2020, but by the many years that came before it from our start in 2012.

2020 forced change in every direction, but WildRock learned to adapt, and we thrived in that changed and learned to ROCK!

Our Intentions for a New Year at WildRock

A new year brings the excitement of new beginnings, adventures, and challenges, though we know some of those same challenges of 2020 will still linger on, we’ve committed to continuing to look toward new ways to do business while maintaining the same great service to our clients and fellow entrepreneurs. 

Our team is ready for a New Year at WildRock and ready to ROCK the following principles in 2021:

Continuing to Embrace Change:

As 2021 unfolds, we’re ready to welcome its challenges and use our extensive team expertise and skill-set to respond effectively and embrace those changes to continue to Rock results for our team and clients.

Being there when it matters:

As our team, clients, and small businesses all felt the ranging discomforts of an uncertain year. We banded together to support each other, go above and beyond for our clients and their businesses, and create solutions for small businesses. We’re committed to being that rock-solid and reliable resource in the highs and lows in 2021.

Looking toward the future:

Looking back, our Rockstars have gained valuable lessons from 2020. Lessons that have equipped them with new skills to use in the New Year. Many of challenges are behind us, with that we’re using the lessons of adapting to change to help us look toward new opportunities and conquering 2021!

The challenges of last year are behind us, and new and exciting challenges await in 2021, and our team is ready to meet them head-on, and ROCK.