Old Dog New Tricks

By Elissa J. Tivona, Rockstar in Training, WildRock PR & Marketing

Do you dream about getting ahead financially instead of waiting for the sluggish economy to pick up? Are you thinking seriously about launching a fabulous business idea? Are you on the verge of taking destiny into your own hands?

But not quite…

Many of us, especially “boomers” and beyond have a whole Internet full of excuses why we’re not quite ready to launch. You find yourself asking questions like, “I guess I need a website, but how? Should I be on Facebook? Or maybe Linked-in? Should I tweet about it? Or is it twitter? What the heck are Delicious and Tumblr anyway? I thought digging it went out with the beatniks; wasn’t that in the 50’s?”

The truth is you may be making life much harder and more complicated than it needs to be. Yes, the landscape for promoting and growing new enterprises has changed dramatically in the last decade. But the fundamental rule for success is still the same:

Well-researched ideas + Enthusiasm & Commitment + TARGET marketing = SUCCESS!

You’ve already got the idea AND you’ve got the dedication to work hard at what you believe. The missing element is how the heck to get the word out about the need you’re ready and willing to fill with your business plan.

Understandably, in the digital age, you may need a little help. You want to rise above the information overload on the Internet, filter out the noise and show folks how your solution stands out. Today, PR professionals specialize in how to use the array of new cyber- marketing channels to reach your financial goals. And the best news of all: the Internet has turned the whole world into your potential market. So what are you waiting for?

From one old dog to another…we CAN learn new tricks. In fact, it’s fun! For example, I’m now “syndicating” blog posts for WildRock PR & Marketing on both Tumblr and Delictious (I haven’t quite mastered Reddit yet), whereas a few short weeks I didn’t even know what this sort of “syndication” meant.

So, find yourself a workshop, sign up, and join the ranks of middle-aged adults and elders following the youngsters into cyberspace. The potential for reaching an eager market for your new product or service has never been better…and all from the comfort of your BARCO-lounger (okay, youngsters, look that one up).