Saving the Planet One Rockstar at a Time

WildRock loves Earth Day because we enjoy the great outdoors whether it’s hiking, walking our dogs or getting in our daily bike rides. But, we also understand that if our Earth isn’t taken care of, we won’t be able to enjoy all that it has to offer! In the last few days, our team has reflected on what we’re doing to help our planet, and how we can incorporate more Earth-friendly initiatives into our everyday lives.

Our Rockstar Annika rides her bike to work once a week, which helps save our planet from harmful emissions by almost 6%. Fun Fact: Ride your bike to work day is on May 10th, mark your calendars! A simple hack to being eco-friendly in the office is having plants. Not only are they pretty and add a pop of color, they are also great for recycling the air! There are many ways to go green in the office, give it a try!

WildRock kicked off the New Year by going completely digital! Yes, you read that right. We only print documents if absolutely necessary but most of our communication happens electronically. We make an effort every day to conserve energy and take care of the environment by limiting printing, handwashing dishes when we can, recycling our cans and bottles after happy hour, using natural light instead of turning on the overhead fluorescent lights and religiously using our reusable water bottles instead of paper cups. All of our little habits we create to be conscious of the earth make a big difference by conserving energy and resources, limiting harmful chemicals that are released into the air and saving money!

Are you someone who thinks recycling is confusing and a waste of time? Follow these simple, fun steps to make a big impact on our planet (and save your company some extra $$):

  1. Myth: That probably can’t be recycled. Fact: You’d be surprised how many items you can toss into your recycling bin, including CD’s, wine corks and aluminum foil.
  2. Myth: Bottle caps aren’t recyclable. Fact: They are! Just remember to crush the bottle before recycling.
  3. Myth: Recycling is better than re-using. Fact: So many household items that we often recycle can actually be re-used! Check out these recycling hacks to learn more.

Green is the new black and we will continue to educate ourselves and others to ensure that our planet is taken care of and maintained. Looking to work with people who love the planet? Let’s chat!