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Looking to bring in a winning team? Whatever your business is, when you work with WildRock it’s never business as usual. We bring innovative public relations and marketing services to take your business goals to the next level. Our team is picked because of their innovative expertise and passion to level up your digital marketing and public relations strategy. We’re trained to win and ready to rock your goals. Are you ready to rock?


Boost your online and social media presence with data-driven digital marketing efforts and marketing services. By strategically mapping your customer journey, our experts direct target audiences to your website for conversion. We tailor paid advertising, social media advertising, landing pages and SEO to produce results for your business. With in-depth reporting, you can easily see how digital marketing efforts layer into your larger business objectives.


Win the hearts and minds of customers with engaging online content. Successful content marketing can help attract and retain your target audience. WildRock develops a thorough understanding of how your business works to become your dedicated content narrator. Whether you need support producing one blog per month or multiple, multi-media content pieces weekly, we are your partner in developing copy that drives action.


Spice up your public relations mix with traditional media relations, influencer marketing, advertorials, and more to get your message heard. As the media landscape continues to change, our PR experts are seasoned in getting marketplace “buzz” going. With a robust local and national media Rolodex in travel, community and lifestyle, technology, business and outdoor, we know what it takes to identify the strongest story angle and shout it from the rooftop.


You need a revitalized marketing strategy and innovative marketing services, and we’re ready to build you the perfect blueprint! You and your team can hit the ground running with our comprehensive marketing plan for digital marketing, public relations, content, and social media. As our most popular offering, we maximize your time with our proven process. Need extra hands on deck for implementation? We’re ready to rock!


Tackle your greatest marketing challenge with a good ol’ fashioned brainstorm and the expertise needed to get your efforts heading in the right direction. This one-hour marketing brainstorm session offers full-access to a WildRock “Rockstar” team member and is perfect for cracking the code on a specific marketing challenge. Our team outlines the key marketing services you need so you’re ready to rock!

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