Slimming Down for Summer

By Claire Makinen, WildRock Intern and Rockstar in Training

After working all winter to shed some weight for summer, isn’t it only fair for your laptop to do the same? A new generation of light, sleek ultrabooks think so. They are ready to strip down for summer and pack a punch into a slimmer body. From my experience, it is not fun lugging a heavy (and I mean heavy!) computer around in the heat, making these ultrabooks even more appealing. Without having to worry about my laptop dragging me down I can finally wear some cute shoes! Going from zero to running in much less time than a traditional laptop, they save you time and give it back with their long-lasting batteries and incredible power saving modes. With both body and brains, these laptops are the perfect companion for summer.

MacBook Air
The newest addition to the MacBook family, the MacBook Air, has shed the weight that other MacBooks tend to carry around their midsection. Its sleek, streamlined body of aluminum makes it durable and weighing in at just 2.3 pounds (MB Air 11) it’s the lightest in the family. With flash storage, it’s quick to respond and its HD camera lets you stay connected to whoever you couldn’t bring on vacation. It’s reliable and quiet, leaving more room in your life for summer fun.

HP Envy Spectre
Taking just seconds to turn on and containing an Intel Core i5 processor, this computer dares to be different. Boasting the first ultrabook from HP is the best of both worlds with a light, scratch-resistant glass exterior, backlit keyboard and screen that can be seen on the sunniest of days. Just slightly heavier than the MacBook Air, at 3.97 pounds it’s light enough to take wherever you go. A longer battery life makes it the perfect machine for anyone that relies on their computer to find a great new breakfast stop, the best afternoon waves in town and a romantic dinner location-all in one day.

Asus Zenbook UX 21
Tipping the scales at just 2.42 pounds the Asus Zenbook is the lightest of the three. Thanks to an impressive HD display, it’s perfect for unlimited multimedia without a huge power draw. It’s fast response time and energy efficiency allows it to be used and enjoyed for seven hours without stopping to charge. With a multi-gesture touch pad that increases the freedom of interaction, this ultrabook is the ideal choice for anyone looking for entertainment this summer.

The ultrabook allows you to skip the backpack sweat spot and instead carry your light machine in style and is the perfect excuse for a new purse (Coach, anyone?)! So go ahead, take your laptop to the beach, the office or anywhere- after all, you’ve got nothing to weigh you down!

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