Snapshot Your Life, Your Brand

By Olivia McSpadden

Instagram is my new travel companion and journal. Being able to capture your perspective and share that with friends, family and customers is invaluable. The application is an informal way of showcasing your unique experiences. With Facebook, posts need some level of thought, but with Instagram you can simply share snapshots of life and business. Due to the nature of the application, your photos are included in your followers newsfeeds so the material you post will always be seen.

As with personal brand management the same applies with company brand management, tailor your photos to express what you or your brand are all about. With anything, it’s about staying in tune with what is important and making the time to share something special.

Android and iPhone users can now download the free Instagram app, but having an account is key. With an account you can create a style or personality to market yourself or your brand through this channel in the best way possible. But don’t just limit yourself to using the camera on your phone, if you have time play around with a digital camera and make the shots outstanding, go for it! You can easily edit and upload them to your phone and use Instagram to publish them.

Find someone who has a good-eye and an innate sense for photography to help document big trips, everyday life or changes in your business. Excite your followers with the opportunity to see what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Plus, having a creative outlet can only spur more creativity! Upload vibrant images and play with the built-in filters, but don’t forget to pay attention to composition. You can make it as interactive as you want.

Let’s face it, people like to flip through brief bits of information to form connections and assimilate information. Since Instagram acts as a news aggregate, what you publish can be sent to other media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. It’s a brilliant way to get you or your brand out there.

So…photoshoot anyone?