Spooky Marketing Pitfalls

By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator

Successful marketing takes detail-oriented planning and precise execution. Without close attention to details and a clear focus, efforts can oftentimes miss the mark. Common marketing mistakes include:

Confusing Brand Identity – Keeping things consistent is an easy task that can slip to the back of the mind. It is necessary to remember that your branding is an important part of how consumers find you. Having consistency across the board is a simple step toward ensuring that all company endeavors are aligned and consistent with your business objectives and goals.

Missing Your Audience – A key part of creating and implementing a successful marketing campaign is cultivating it around your target audience. Aligning your message with the appropriate audience takes work. Not taking the time to research and get to know your public is an easy trap to fall into that can end up costing you big.

Not Optimizing Your Web Presence – Search engine optimization is crucial to being found on the web. Simply having an online presence is no longer enough. Neglecting SEO strategies will keep you buried on search engines and will prevent your target audience from finding you.

Neglecting Social Media – Social media is a powerful online marketing tool. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? However, when neglected, it leaves your followers forgetting about you, wondering where you are, or questioning why they should pay attention to you online. A strong social media presence takes time to plan and execute, but can offer a large payoff by connecting you to consumers.

Marketing doesn’t have to be spooky! There are ways to avoid these pitfalls and use all the opportunities that strategically planned and executed marketing has to offer. Experts have the know-how and expertise to take these spooky pitfalls and utilize them in a way that makes your business rock.

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