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  • WildRock and Tread Lightly: Partnered to Promote Outdoor Ethics

    Contributed from Matt Caldwell, Executive Director, Tread Lightly! When the Rockstars from WildRock asked me to guest write a blog post for them as part of our new partnership, being the Executive Director for the national, nonprofit Tread Lightly!, my first thought was to write on the appreciation and gratitude that I have for companies

  • They Grow Up So Fast – WildRock Turns Five

    For many parents, the first five years of their child’s life can seem like a whirlwind of diapers, tears, laughter, and learning. Minus the diapers, the same can be said for WildRock, the brain-child of Founder and CEO Kristin Golliher, as it celebrates five years in the business. WildRock Public Relations & Marketing opened its

  • WildRock needs a bigger award shelf

    Last night, the lights were dimmed and the room sat silent, anxiously waiting for the awards to be given. The announcers said, “and the award goes to…. The year 2016 has been already been wild for us at WildRock Public Relations & Marketing. We’ve celebrated our 4-year anniversary, added a new team member and for

  • Goodbye January, Hello 2015!

    By: Mandy Cummings, Account Coordinator   As February draws nearer, we’ve noticed a bittersweet feeling looming in the (uncharacteristically warm) Colorado winter air. Maybe we’re just still lingering over the disappointment of not being able to cheer on our Broncos in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Maybe we’re resisting the drudgery of tax season. Maybe

  • Future of PR

    By: Alicia Beard, WildRock PR & Marketing Account Manager Public relations has always been about getting the right story to the right person at the right time- a mix of instinct, know-how and a good Rolodex. But like any industry, it’s shaped by emerging technologies, and in particular, the way social media and mobile devices

  • PR is…

    By: Kristin Golliher, Brand Building Rockstar, Founder & CEO I can’t speak for everyone in the field, but as a PR professional I’ve grown accustomed to the quizzical looks I get from those unfamiliar with the industry when I respond to their inquiries of, “what do you do?” by saying, “I work in public relations.”

  • Making Lemonade

    By: Sara Seely, Account Development Executive, WildRock PR & Marketing It’s a common phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We’ve heard it since we were kids complaining to our parents that we didn’t like our partner for a project or the cafeteria wasn’t serving macaroni and cheese anymore, it’s best to take what

  • Art of the Spin

    By Alicia Beard, WildRock Digital Diva Public relations professionals can sometimes get a bad rap for either sugar coating the truth or misleading the public with cover-ups or false information. And while this may be true for a small minority of propagandist, a majority of PR pros work to uphold the truth and create buzz