Take a Walk

By: Alicia Beard, Account Manager

One of the most challenging aspects of the PR field is finding a balance between our “business hat” and “creative hat.” The profession straddles both sides of the spectrums – and we’ll bet most PR pros will tell you that is one of the things they love most about their jobs. That being said, when you’re processing analytics, advising on appropriate customer service language and drafting compelling content at the same time, things can get overwhelming and tricky – fast.  We’ve compiled a few of our best recommendations for getting the creative juices flowing:

  • Change of scenery: Mandy finds moments of creative thinking outside of the office, “I find inspiration by getting out of the office and working in a creative space like a cool coffee shop, or after clearing my head at a yoga class.”
  • Media Sparks: “Pictures always spring good ideas, I flip through magazines and newspapers to see what’s hot and what the media will find interesting,” notes Kristin.
  • Exercise Boost: I get a fresh perspective by being active. “When I get stuck in a project and can’t seem to find a solid strategy or creative angle I either go for a run or take a walk. Something about the fresh air and reconnecting with nature clears my head and allows me to regain my focus.”
  • Espresso: Both Stef and Morgan agree that a Starbucks run is a fast and effective way to spark the imagination and re-focus. When asked if you would like an extra shot of espresso the answer is yes. Always.

National trends for creativity in the workplace haven’t evolved much over time. People still enjoy the basic meditation and getting-a-drink-at-lunch methods to ignite some creative ideas (and we can’t blame them). However, there are new trends emerging in workplaces that could be your key to the next big idea:

  • Open offices: Creating an open office floor plan is a great way to cultivate natural conversations. Organic talk through unplanned interactions has proven to lead to fresh and new ideas.
  • Integrate fun: Having an all-work-and-no-play attitude leaves little room for creative expression. Try initiating contests such as a fantasy football bracket.
  • Sweet Treats: Break up the monotony of everyday office work by bringing in a sweet treat for the office every once in a while. The snack can provide a quick break for everyone and allow you to step away and re-calibrate.

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