Through the Time Warp

By: Gabrielle Bear, WildRock Intern and Rockstar in Training

When I found out I would officially be interning at WildRock as a Rockstar in Training for the summer, I was ecstatic. Studying for my last final and loading up my car to start the long drive home from freshman year suddenly felt so real. I was a college student now, with purpose ahead of me. No more “Do you want the bacon and mayo on that?” Instead of surrounding myself with sandwich toppings, I would surround myself with successful people, full of knowledge. Finally, all my hard work was starting to pay off (theoretically speaking, because if I was to make any money, I had to keep putting the bacon and mayo on that). But I knew I was full of potential, ready to learn and excited to become career-minded.

That is why the first day or two here were, well, sloww… Not that I don’t enjoy bringing in the mail, ordering lunch, and stocking the bathroom full of TP, but the days dragged… ‘Days’—plural, as in 2—because that’s all it took before I entered the WildRock time warp, where the days started disappearing before my own eyes. This time progression was probably due to the tremendous number of things I was learning under the guidance of all the wonderful ladies here at WildRock. From lessons I might only use here in the office, like “close the supplies cabinet fast and at once or else bear the ‘CREEAAAK’ that will shock everybody” to lifelong lessons like, ‘there will always be the mail, lunch, and TP jobs of the world and someone has to do them, so work hard and you might not.’ But of course, I learned endless lessons in the world of PR. I learned how to construct business plans, create media lists, and format press releases, how to prioritize and manage deadlines, and how to deal with a variety of clients.

After my time here at WildRock, I am looking forward to starting my long drive back to college and letting my internship enhance my learning in the classroom. I am confident that I have gained priceless experience that I will take with me when I enter my career, and that WildRock will not run out of TP for the next 6-8 months. Cheers to this last year, WildRock! Oops, I mean the last 3 ½ months. Where did the time go?