Tis’ the Season – WildRock is Changing

The leaves are turning colors, the air is getting cooler and a new season is quickly approaching. In the midst of it all, WildRock is finding itself in a state of change too from new promotions and employees to office remodels.

Opening its doors in 2012, WildRock started with Kristin Golliher. Not even one month later, her previous OtterBox teammate and friend, Alicia Beard, joined the team. For the last five years, WildRock has grown into a company with local and national clients. And the team also welcomes two new employees, to make the team a group of eight “unicorns” – a term used to describe the matchless group of talent. As WildRock has grown, so have Alicia’s roles and responsibilities. Earlier this year, she became a Partner, and this week, we announce her as “President” of WildRock.

The newest additions to the WildRock team are Kristin Mastre, Social Media Specialist, and Annika Deming, Client Support Manager. They will fit into the WildRock puzzle by bringing different sets of skills and experiences to the team. Annika for example, traveled all the way from the East Coast to join the team after working as a Communications Manager at the Connecticut Convention Center. Kristin Mastre, is joining WildRock after owning her own business and writing as a journalist for more than 12 years.

The employees aren’t the only ones seeing changes, the office space is too. Throughout the next month, WildRock will be doing an office remodel with fresh paint, new carpet, and new furniture including sit-stand desks.

We know our industry of public relations and marketing is an ever-changing environment. WildRock chooses to embrace that change and take it head on. Here’s to beautiful successes and growth in transformation!