Top 5 Fall Instagram Filters

Fall is quickly approaching in Colorado, and we are ready for all of the changing colorful leaves to paint the mountainside. We all know that it’s hard to capture the gorgeous fall views in a photo, so we are here to help you add that pop of color with the help of Instagram filters!

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s do a quick recap on how Instagram filters came to be and the rule of thumb on when to use them and when to keep your photo in its original state. Instagram changed the game in 2010 when they introduced filters you could use on your photos to change the original coloring of a picture. People weren’t too sure how to use the filters at first, but now they have taken over the Instagram world. Surveys show that people add filters to their photos for a number of reasons including enhancing the colors to make it seem like it was taken professionally, making a photo appear older than it truly is, adding in an emotional piece to show the importance and so much more. Filters are great for those reasons and people have become experts on creating the perfect combination of filters and adjustments, but keep in mind, not all photos need this. Sometimes simple is better and you will stand out more with the raw, original photo showcasing the perfect imperfections of the shot.

While there are 25 filters to choose from, these are the top 5 filters to make those fall colors jump out at your followers. (As you read through the differences in these filters, check out the photo above to see the differences. The main photo is the original, below that are the filters in order from left to right. Happy filtering!)

1. Valencia – The slight yellow tint incorporated into this filter brightens all colors, especially the leaves that are just beginning to change from green to vibrant yellow.
2. Amaro – You’ll notice that Armaro brightens the middle of the photo, giving a light and airy glow to your focal point. Capture the most colorful tree you can find and put it in the spotlight with this filter.
3. Juno – Juno is your go-to filter for brightening and intensifying your fall photo. If you’re wanting to make a statement and have those red and yellow colors pop, Juno is where it’s at.
4. Lo-Fi – For photos with lots of trees and surrounding landscapes, Lo-Fi is what you’ll want to use. It saturates the original photo to and turns the natural colors vibrant while still looking natural.
5. Aden – If you’re looking for a filter that is a bit more toned down and natural looking, we recommend using Aden. This filter softens the harsh light from the sun and gives the final image a pastel-like feel.

Now that you’re an expert on the best filters to use to show the vibrant hues of autumn, we suggest you get outside, take your million-dollar picture and brush on the special filter, stunning every follower you have with your impressive Insta-skills! Tag us in your photos so we can see your artistic eye using #wildrockfilters. Want more tips and tricks on how to elevate your social game? Let us know, we are ready to rock when you are!