We’ll be your ROCK when things get Wild.

What does that mean? In challenging times, it can be overwhelming to reevaluate your business, modify your course of action, and move forward, but WildRock has your back. As an experienced Fort Collins marketing firm, we have some rock-solid advice and offerings to consider as we navigate the current events surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Your opportunity to ROCK

Data is pouring in regarding the influx of online users during this time of “social distancing.” The term should be re-coined as “physical distancing,” considering the substantial increase in social media usage. An article from PR Daily noted that the influencer marking platform Klear compared social media user behavior from March 7-15. Its results showed a 15 percent increase in Instagram stories posted and a 21 percent increase in viewership. That’s just nine days! Facebook saw a 50 percent increase in traffic from its platform to other websites in the first few weeks of March as well. LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many other sites are reporting usage at an all-time high.

What do the numbers mean? It’s a valuable time for your brand to be present online. People are using the internet to connect and explore while they’re staying indoors. The bottom line, now is not the time to go dark.

Rockstar tips:

  • Post, Post, Post! AT&T is posting statistics, updates, network insights, and customer service topics across their social media channels and website multiple times a day. That doesn’t necessarily mean your business should post as frequently (you need to do what works for your brand), but it does mean that people want information and AT&T is delivering!
  • “Keep Calm and Optimize on,” says The Search Engine Journal on staying active online. SEO optimization is vital for being seen in online searches. SEO is competitive, and if you’re not aggressively moving forward, you’ll fall behind.
  • Stay active online! com compiled a list of companies that have increased their online presence in the face of these turbulent times, and, speaking of turbulence, despite the decrease in travel, Southwest Airlines has seen up to 40 percent day-over-day increases of ad impressions on YouTube, up to 30 percent on Instagram, 20 percent on Twitter, and 15 percent on Facebook.

WILDLY successful engagement

Businesses have been tremendously affected by our current circumstances. Some companies are choosing to cut their marketing budgets just to survive, but the truth is, it’s never been a better time to focus on promoting your brand, how your company handles adversity, and how you can build your brand to come out on top. Change that is embraced can be an ideal time for growth.

How do you grow in a time of deficit? You’ll need to change your plan of action to accommodate the economic climate.

Rockstar tips:

  • Use promotional tools, such as Facebook Ads. According to SocialMediaToday, Facebook Ads can put you a step ahead of the competition who are suspending campaigns, are a low-cost marketing investment, and allow you to serve people now to win business later.
  • Dive into your current marketing plan. What is working? What needs improvement? Forbes reiterates the importance of thinking on your feet, dissecting your strategies, investing in your marketing personnel, and looking to the future.
  • Don’t scrap your marketing plan! Determine your short, medium, and long-term goals says an article in Entrepreneur. Try not to make any rash decisions, focus on smart choices, use data-driven efforts, and don’t panic!

Content that ROCKS

With more eyes online, content is king! Communicating online is crucial and presents a chance to strengthen the connection with your audience and improve your brand image. Businesses need content that stands out among the surge of posts, stories, and blogs.

How do you create unique content without getting lost in the crowd? It’s important to be mindful of your message. What has worked in the past may not work today. Crafting content that is consistent, organic, and empathetic is key. Posting at the right time, targeting the appropriate audience, and telling YOUR story will keep you ahead of the curve.

Rockstar tips:

  • Focus on highlighting your customer’s needs. The Chicago Tribune centered on one of America’s latest essentials in a recent article regarding toilet paper. Rest assured, Charmin is providing up to date production information for their customers, understanding their concerns, and offering encouragement (and a few laughs)!
  • Behind-the-scenes content is a great way to connect. Some businesses are completely repurposing their business objectives in response to current events. Talk about standing out and meeting needs! The NY Times details how breweries and distilleries, like Anheuser-Busch, have repurposed facilities to produce hand sanitizer.
  • Be part of the global conversation but talk about what you know. Twitter says that people are seeking accurate and reliable information, customer service and support, distraction and levity, and community and positivity.

These are some truly wild times,  so when it comes to choosing from a Fort Collins marketing firm, this Colorado marketing firm is sending positive vibes to all our friends in business. Stay social, share your voice, and engage. If WildRock can support you in any way, we’re ready to rock!