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Welcome to the WildRock blog! We’re excited you stopped by. Here you will find the latest tips, tricks, trends and a little glimpse into our “wild” lives.

As a boutique PR and marketing firm in Fort Collins, Colo., our philosophy is simple: work hard, play hard—get the job done and have fun doing it!

We often hear from potential clients, “why hire an agency?” Being so entrenched in the world of PR and marketing, it’s hard to understand why people wouldn’t invest in a long-term partner. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Cut through the clutter. Today there is so much “noise” and people have a hard time focusing on relevant, meaningful information. By working with public relations and marketing professionals, you can target customers with innovative and creative strategies to share the right message at the right time. Heard of the rule of seven? People have to see your message or brand seven times before they take action—make sure you have it in a variety of places so you’re sure to reach the lucky number seven.
  • Credibility is king. Consumers today are extremely savvy—they’re doing their research and know brands and businesses inside and out. They need to know and trust you. The Internet, social media and print are all great tools for consumers and that’s where PR/Marketing can help ensure your company’s info is credible and creates a lasting impression.
  • Work on your business not in your business. It’s every entrepreneur’s mantra—however few actually do it. Many spend countless hours trying to tackle public relations and marketing on their own, an area where many lack internal resources and know-how for true success. What a time suck! This is where PR/Marketing experts can come in to help make goals and objectives a reality.
  • It’s a marathon. Results don’t happen overnight…remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race—it’s about continual touch points, interactions, brand awareness and marketplace presence. Sporadic, random approaches don’t work. A strategic PR/Marketing plan can help you accomplish your business marathon goals.

We hope this blog reflects our style, culture and of course some helpful morsels from the PR and marketing world and our community. Enjoy!

Rock On,
Kristin Golliher
Brand Building Rockstar
Founder & CEO