What a WILD Summer

For WildRock, the early months of 2017 already made it a milestone year filled with success, celebration and growth. We celebrated WildRock’s fifth birthday, added to our rockstar team and have plenty more WILD ideas up our sleeves for the years to come!

This summer has been a WILD one, and such a whirlwind. We’re not sure where the time went! We kicked off summer with a bang at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Gold Pick Award, bringing home the six awards listed below for our public relations and marketing efforts in 2016.

Gold Pick Awards:

  • Media Relations for Consumer Products – WildRock Helps Akinz Adventure to New Audiences
  • Media Relations for Consumer Products – WildRock Makes Splash for Beau & Belle Littles

Silver Pick Awards:

  • Campaign for Events and Observances, seven or fewer days – WildRock Launches Exclusive, Outdoor Adventure: The Steamboat Experience
  • Campaign for Events and Observances, more than seven days – CycleBar Rides to the Top with WildRock
  • Media Relations for Travel and Tourism/Hospitality – WildRock Elevates Moving Mountains with Top-Tier Coverage
  • Media Relations for Consumer Products – WildRock Lands Native Eyewear Record-Breaking PR Spike

Our team of Rockstars continues to grow with the hiring of Laura Billington as Administrative Assistant. As a summer intern at WildRock following her college graduation, Laura got her feet wet utilizing her skills in a fast-paced professional setting. Her delivery of rocking results led her to her current role where she continuously hones her skill set as a young professional. Laura provides support to the WildRock team and assists with office management.

We’ve also grown in our existing space with our new outdoor ‘office space,’ so our team is soaking up what remains of summer. Stay tuned for some other big changes around our office as we work to bring this amazing year across the finish line!