Why do you use social media?

By: Alicia Beard, Account Manager

When building a social media strategy for your company, WildRock often recommends a seemingly obvious first step: take a pause and consider why you use social media. Is it to connect with family and friends? Share a cool article? Play a game? Be reminded to “BUY OUR PRODUCT NOW?” Ok, probably not the last one, but you get the point.

We recently came across a Gallup Poll revealing that the majority of those polled (62%) claimed social media doesn’t have any influence on their purchasing decisions. Wow.

While shocking to us social media folk, some further reflection gleaned that the numbers only tell one side of the story. Which brings us to a follow-up Gallup Poll asking for participants’ reasons for using social media- finding that 53% of people responded that they use social media to share with others what they know.

That seemingly small bit of insight rings loud for social media marketing strategists. Yes, the surveyors who responded to the first poll claiming social media doesn’t influence their purchasing decisions are completely right (or so they might think). Advertising doesn’t influence people. People influence people.

No amount of promotion can substitute for personal conversations, whether discussing reviews or recommendations. That said, social media becomes an incredibly relevant marketing tool, allowing brands to influence and tap directly into these conversations.

What this means for your business

In order to use social media to its fullest, a sincere and thoughtful strategy is needed. Rather than overtly selling, brands find success by giving their followers what they want – including custom stories that generate conversations and posing questions that reveal user reviews and recommendations. By answering questions and offering helpful hints for purchasing decisions, you’re providing a wealth of content that followers will absorb and share with their networks – and that’s where the true influence occurs.

So we have some homework for you: after you close this tab, take a minute to jot down the top three reasons that you personally log on to social media every day. You can even take it a step further by considering what resonates with you and inspire you to click/share/like a post. If you objectively look at your brand’s social channels, what would engage you?

Consider auditing your social media pages to ensure you’re maximizing this powerful tool. If you need a helping hand, give WildRock a call and learn how our social media experts can make you part of the conversation.