Ignite Your Business With A Path to Marketing and Communication Clarity

Your business rocks. It’s time to take it to the next level, but the path to success is unpredictable and can pull you in multiple directions. Insert WildRock your new marketing strategy consultant. Experienced, focused and inventive we help your business thrive through a relationship-focused partnership, data-driven evaluation, and most importantly accountability. Having a strategic communications marketing plan keeps you focused and ensures future success.

Our proven strategic communication plan methodology tackles strategic planning by:


Diving deep to understand your organization, determining your initiatives and constructing a plan for your unique future.  Your “why” is more than just your mission or values, it’s your brand’s purpose.


Catapulting comradery when your brand needs it the most. A high-performing team is pivotal to implementation and ultimately, victory. We believe when your team is firing on all cylinders and in their power alleys, beautiful things happen.


Doing the heavy lifting by looking “under the hood” at your current marketing, PR, digital and social media efforts. We also look at your competitors. We identify what they are doing so you can do it better.


We help our clients dream big and then focus those dreams on what’s mission-critical for today and what can be saved for tomorrow.


We build marketing communications strategies and plans that are designed to adapt. We consistently revisit the plan and evaluate it against performance, the team, and internal and external obstacles to ensure it continues to work for you. We check in, reinvent and refresh your plan so you can continue to adapt even as the world changes.


Success happens by going beyond having a plan – it’s having focus, resources and commitment to execute it. Our accountability tool ensures transparency in the process and enables ongoing team collaboration.


  • Audit
  • Strategy Session
  • Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Accountability Tools
  • Execution


You need a new or revitalized communications strategy, and we’re ready to create the map. Embark on the path to success with our comprehensive strategic communications plan. We’ll meet you wherever you’re at on your marketing journey with a five-phase process designed to build and implement your strategy:

Phase 1: Discover

Dive deep into your business with WildRock. By creating a solid relationship-based partnership, we work together to understand the foundation of your brand to better identify your organization and your goals.

Phase 2: Dream

Where do you want your business to go? The only limitation is your imagination as you team up with WildRock to unleash creativity and fresh ideas for the future.

Phase 3: Develop

By creating a marketing strategy framework, WildRock will give your team a rock-solid roadmap that will help them uncover possible hurdles, discover new opportunities, understand their capabilities and develop a clear path forward. The marketing and communication strategy is a critical element for any team to align on goals and know exactly what to do to achieve them.

Phase 4: Do

The development of marketing strategies looks solid on paper – now it’s time to put it into practice. WildRock aligns with your team to establish training and accountability tools to visualize the plan, track progress, identify roadblocks and keep everyone driving towards the common goal.

Phase 5: Distill

WildRock doesn’t just build a communication marketing strategy to check the box. Effective plans need to adapt in real-time. By revisiting the strategy, we are working proactively to adapt to changing needs. As a result, we can quickly identify and implement short-term actions to achieve long-term goals.

Learn more about how WildRock can customize your strategic planning & marketing development to ignite your brand and team.


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